Gore Point - Garden Kitchen and day space

This holiday home on the north Exmoor coast had its kitchen at the rear, hidden from the spectacular views. When at the house my clients tended to spend their time in the kitchen but wanted to find a way of taking in the scenery at the same time.
Responding to this requirement I designed a 7 x 6m space set into the steeply sloping garden and connected to the house via a frameless glass link. While taking in the views we didn't want to create large reflections from the wide sliding windows so these were formed to a gentle radius. Having taken up original lawn space we wanted to maintain a sense of the garden as viewed from the house so now you look down on a green roof which has three light-tubes bringing daylight to the centre/rear of this deep space. Additionally, a full length, high-level window provides task daylight to the kitchen area at the rear. The owners have a relaxing sofa area to one side and a long dining table in front of the main sliding windows which open onto a large terrace area with concealed lighting for continued use after sunset.
The roof fascia was formed from Corten steel for its maritime connection and its rust resilient properties, adding warmth to the project's colour palette.